"I don't do fashion, I am fashion"

                                                                                               cit. Coco Chanel


The brand was born from my passion for all that is beautiful: Art, Fashion and Design. The ethics of beauty exists in the imprinting of personal and social culture. Who we are we do not determine who we can be, for what mood present in my lines are different and at the same time very personal, adaptable to anyone. In each of them there is part of my taste and ... a lot of color. The spasmodic of the different materials arises from the "will" to make the product accessible and at the same time unique.

I founded "Alessandra Aiardo design" about ten years ago driven by the need to create something that corresponded exclusively to my taste and my person. The first jewels that I made were personal, seeing after a short time that my objects had a correspondence in other people contributed not only to the growth of the Brand, but above all to my personal evolution. Each creation is in tune with a new experience: being able to see the happy faces of those who wear my jewelry, travel and learn about new cultures and transfer all these experiences through the use of materials is the concept behind my Brand

When I founded "Alessandra Aiardo design" I was not fully aware of the whole road that I would have taken, nor of how much this would have contributed to the changes in my life. Having a brand is like having a child: it requires commitment, perseverance, attention and a lot of dedication. Creating something is only part of the whole, traveling, sponsoring, participating, collaborating and above all believing in it is the other part of the coin. Through my Brand I have the opportunity to get to know people and cultures different from mine, to be in contact with everything that belongs to the "behind the scenes" of an event and watch my creations come to life on a catwalk. In the video I proposed the last two Fashion Weeks, respectively in Milan and Paris Despite the experience gained, presenting your creations to such a large audience remains an indescribable emotion. This is a path, a lifestyle choice that has only one beginning….