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This new line of T-shirts was born from a 4-handed collaboration with my niece. Ginevra is a little girl of just 5 years old, but her personality and inclinations are already visible. Like most girls her age, she is attracted to color, glitter and all that glitters. Sometimes I struggle to understand if she is the one who emulates me or if it is me who emphasizes everything she likes. An excellent alchemy has been created to the point of feeling able to intervene on his drawings without distorting them, but creating original images that remain faithful to his personal vision of the world. Being able to watch her progress and her creative personality evolve is a pleasure… seeing her having fun and engaging in what she does is a more than valid reason to encourage her to continue experimenting by playing. Art, such as the use of color or the experimentation of materials, is the basis of good individual growth ... encouraging the understanding of one's taste and inclinations is what best helps a child to develop and get to know each other. The subjects you will find in the prints are all chosen and created by her, often they do not conform to reality ... in fact most of the subjects portrayed are blond or blue and she has dark brown hair. The backgrounds of color are bright, vibrant and the color combinations, often extravagant, the proportions are in relation to the importance that she entrusts to the subject portrayed. We could define this project as a reinterpretation of what takes the name of "Art Naif", in reality I already see a well-defined style in line with his personality. Children can be a valid starting point to broaden our vision of life and above all someone to observe carefully to better understand what we have lost by becoming adults. Ginevra will grow up and become an adult like all people, but perhaps, looking at her drawings, she will retain some of that purity and joy that distinguishes all children.


Ginny's Vision

many people participated in the sponsorship of this line of t-shirts. cotton sweaters can be worn by everyone and especially in many occasions and styles.

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